Residential mental health, rehabilitation and wellbeing clinic in Manchester.

A residential facility in Prestwich, Manchester providing in-person care for individuals with complex mental health requirements.

what we treat

bereavement counseling
eating disorders
post-traumatic stress disorder
burnour & exhaustion


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
Eye Movement Desensitisation& Reprocessing (EMDR)
Total Mind Optimisation
Family and couple therapy
Online Therapy
Corporate Wellness retreats
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Extensive Psychotherapy

We design and deliver treatment programs for organisations, charities and treatment providers. If you’d like to discuss our facilities and suitability for your requirements please get in touch.

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person centred care

Our North West facility has been custom built to offer specialist supported living and mental health treatment services. Our private and secure facilities are easily accessible with excellent transport links across the North West and UK.

Health and fitness facilities

Access to a fully equipped gymnasium, physical wellbeing suite and group sports pitches. Situated in beautifully landscaped leafy surroundings, we have the perfect location and facilities for complete wellbeing and recovery.

On-site chef and fully equipped kitchen

Nutrition focused meal preparation for our clients, with the ability to create bespoke plans according to nutritional needs and dietary preferences. Menus change every day, taking advantage of the freshest ingredients and with overall wellness in mind. Many clients find cooking a relaxing and enjoyable activity; during off-hours, our kitchen and facilities are available for 24-hour client use.

After Care Services

In person and digital aftercare solutions for recovering individuals, all delivered by experienced therapists and designed to strengthen a client’s recovery.

Group and Private Therapy Rooms

We have a range of room sizes; from 1-2-1 to large group sessions and workshops; with de-stimulus rooms and outdoor spaces available. All with flexible seating configurations and arrangements to suit the session.

Private accommodation

30 en-suite bedroom residential facility has been designed to ensure that all of our residents not only have best in class treatment but are also in an environment to relax mind and body.

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Leon House, Hilton Lane, Prestwich,
Manchester, M25 9SD


What if I’m in crisis?

The specialist teams at our residential facilities can help to stabilise those in need of immediate assistance, including providing access to medically assisted detoxification for drug and alcohol addictions, where required.

Will I have my own room?

Yes, if you receive inpatient treatment for any condition or wellness programme, you will have your own en-suite bedroom. 

How does visiting work?

Visiting is allowed at imatta residential, and this is something that your team of carers can put in place. Visiting times and availability will vary depending on your treatment plan. This is something staff will discuss with you prior to your visit. Monday-Friday, friends or family are welcome to visit at certain times. When you're ready for someone to visit, you can confirm these times with your ward team. On the weekends, therapy sessions and wellness activities are less frequent, which means that visiting times can be more flexible. Children are allowed to visit, but we respectfully ask that they stay with an adult at all times. They can visit you in your private room, or there are options to book out therapy rooms outside of therapy hours. A member of staff will be able to assist you with those details when you arrive.

Are you able to provide non-therapeutic treatments such as massage or acupuncture?

We have partnerships in place with the North West leading complimentary non-theraputic treatment practitioners. This includes masseurs, acupuncture, meditation, homeopathy, hypnotherapy and more. Individual treatments, such as massage, can be booked to come and deliver relaxing or sports massages in the comfort of your room and can be arranged by request.

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to sustained wellbeing

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