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Discover how imatta can empower your team to reach unparalleled peaks of productivity and performance.

Fast, access to 1-2-1 support

One to one support from qualified professional psychologists when additional support is required.

live interactive seminars

Each week we host industry leading psychologists, human performance, wellbeing coaches and public figures

Anonymous & 

All user data gathered is anonymised and personal info is NEVER shared with the employer.

24/7 employee support

Always on digital platform means employees can access support out of office hours, at a time and place where

Preventative 360* 

The only platform to combine holistic support, human performance and one-to-one critical care sessions

1,000+ hours of exclusive content

Interviews, guides, education, strategies and advice to improve mental health, wellbeing and human

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Your digital toolkit to optimise employee performance and wellbeing

Exclusive wellbeing video guides, workshops, seminars, coaching, education and fast access to 1-2-1 therapy.

Lived Experience
Human Performance
Human Performance
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Guide to series
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breaking the stigma.

Give your people the impartial, anonymous personal development support they want.
Grow with better motivation, fewer sick days and more loyalty.

stop wasting money on mental health and wellbeing solutions that don't work.

Only 4% of empliyees engage with traditional workplace mental health and wellbeing solutions.

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The imatta platform contains over 1000 hours of mental health and wellbeing content
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What is my contract commitment?

12 months, though if at any point within the first three months of your contract you’re not happy we’ll refund 100% of the subscription - excluding any 1-2-1 session costs.

What is imatta?

Our subscription streaming platform shifts mental health support to a popular space that’s accessible for all and encourages preventative engagement and support. We combine self-guided video content, with live seminars, proactive care calls and fast access (within 60 minutes) to 1-2-1 treatment with qualified psychologists and councillors. All in one place, whenever you need it.

What devices are supported?

Our platform content, seminars and 1-2-1 support sessions are all accessible in your internet browser. So they’re easily accessible via smartphone, tablet, laptop or other internet browser enabled device. Camera functionality is preferred for 1-2-1 sessions, but these can be conducted without video if not available. There are no specific apps, or software that needs to be downloaded or used for imatta - we’ve designed it with ease of use at the forefront so there are no blockers to access.

Are therapies included with imatta?

We offer two business packages; one that’s inclusive of all therapy sessions (imatta complete), and one that works on a pay as you go basis (imatta core). This gives organisations the flexibility to choose the option that works best for their workforce and their budget.

Do you only offer therapy sessions?

The majority of our clients prefer online sessions as they provide the ease of access, anonymity and time benefits - meaning people can access them without having to travel, from the comfort of their home and even outside of normal working hours. 

That said, we do have clients that prefer in person, and we have the availability to offer in person sessions at 27 locations throughout the UK. Please contact us to see if there’s availability for this in your area.

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