Bringing mental health, mindset and performance support closer to us all.

We’ve been in the world of mental health and human performance for years and we’ve been frustrated to hear the same story over and over again.

‘I did reach out…but the right support wasn’t there when it could have made a real difference.’

Support for mental health issues is reactive, and it’s accessible only when it’s too late; after a relationship breakdown, at a lowest ebb, or at the point of real financial difficulty.

We’re changing that. At imatta, we know that engagement, support and treatment can all be available much further upstream. And our experience shows us that, 80% of the time, earlier engagement can help to change behaviour more swiftly and put us back on a path to optimum health and performance.

We’re changing mental health support so it’s stigma-free, preventative and accessible. We’re encouraging everyone to reach out sooner.

we believe

Mental health awareness and support needs consistent attention

earlier support makes all the difference
stigma is
we can all do good
and do well

why we're here

mental health support services aren't working

1 in 4

Experience a mental health problem every year

21 days

Average waiting time for talk therapy on the NHS


Of adults with mental health conditions don't access treatment

streaming for positive social impacts

Our platform shifts mental health support to a popular space that’s accessible for all and encourages earlier engagement with therapy.

We’re proud that the work we do contributes to good in society.

since 2020
5200 sessions of free
support to vulnerable
and at risk adults
Free imatta access
given to over 400
military veterans

100% of users in crisis
connected to a
clinical psychologist
in less than 60 minutes

bringing support upstream

Good business practice and doing good things in the world can and should go hand in hand. We believe it, our group is built on it and it’s true for our customers.

Our goal is to support 100,000,000 people to optimise their mental health, wellbeing and human performance by 2030.

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Remove the guesswork, improve engagement and outcomes for your employee's mental health.

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Empower behavior change - support to enhance your mental health, wellness and performance.

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earlier support makes all the difference

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