finding balance - free interactive workshop

Paul Dodd
April 12, 2024
min read

A free online workshop for busy professionals who spin many plates. Below you'll find 50 minutes of interactive psychotherapy to equip you with the skills, advice and guidance to maintain balance between work and life. Originally streamed live on the imatta platform on 5th April 24.

During the session, led by charted coaching psychologist Aidan Kearney, we work through some of the strategies, techniques and advice that he uses with his clients to achieve high performance and sustain balance in both their work and home lives.

Leave feeling refreshed, recharged and empowered to tackle your days with balance and calmness.

This session is a free-to-stream example of the live and interactive seminars and workshops that we run weekly on the imatta platform. If you'd like more information about how you can access these through either a individual or business subscription please contact us.

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